We believe that historyis to be written byfriends

We believe that history
is to be written by

BALKAN PERSPECTIVES TODAY manages the organization of high-level regional and international conferences. Its intention is to become a driving force for change in the Western Balkans through dialogue. We bring together local and international leaders, decision makers, experts from various fields, young people, and the public in order to identify, formulate, and understand challenges and opportunities, and agree on common action towards creating better societies in the Western Balkans.

BALKAN PERSPECTIVES TODAY is a centre for dialogue on the most sensitive, most difficult outstanding issues which hinder political and economic development in South East Europe. We strive towards a European and Euro-Atlantic future for our people, while respecting and encouraging the strengthening of our cooperation with other global leaders, like China and Russia.

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Antonio Zatta (fl. 1757-1797):
“Atlante Novissimo”

The idea of BALKAN PERSPECTIVES TODAY is to extend expert support to governments in the Western Balkan region in order to develop better overall governance systems for their citizens and businesses, and prepare them for membership in the European Union.

BALKAN PERSPECTIVES TODAY is Public Policy Institute affiliate which serves as a regional hub for policy research, knowledge sharing, and networking, covering the wide range of important topics for the future of the Western Balkans. It aims to ensure long-term stability, economic development, and the rule of law.

The principal goal of BALKAN PERSPECTIVES TODAY is to increase and deepen understanding and build trust within the region and beyond it, by providing a platform for discussion on “burning issues”, the exchange of best practice examples,and the examination of the value of innovation and its various dimensions from social, technological and organisational aspects in pursuit of common interests.

BPT invites you to a dialogue on environmental threats and challenges, on social and economic challenges, on common security threats. We are to bring together inclusiveness and artificial intelligence, gender and digitalisation, human rights and depopulation.

We believe that history is to be written by friends. We see friends in each and every country around Serbia. We are ready to work with them in order to close the divide between nations, ethnicities, businesses, societies, cultures and religions. Together with our neighbours, we are ready to declare the dawn of sustainable peace in the Balkans.